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Article 12
An ROC citizen attaining majority and residing in the organizational district of a farmers association, after passing the qualification screening, may join the base-level farmers association of that organizational district as a member if he or she is actually engaged in farming and meet any of the following requirements:
1. An owner-farmer;
2. A tenant farmer;
3. One graduated from an agricultural school or having written or invented agriculture-related works while currently engaging in agricultural extension affairs;
4. An employee currently serving with a lawfully registered farm, forest or pastureland and actually engaging in farming.
For those who meet any of the aforementioned requirements and wish to apply for the membership of a farmers association, the central-level competent authorities shall establish measures to regulate the certification of qualified members, required application documents, screening procedures as well as other matters concerned in this regard.
Employed farmers who joined the membership of a farmers association before January 20,2001 this revised Act comes into force may keep their membership if they still stay as farming workers.
Any farmers association member who has joined the membership for less than six (6)months is not entitled by this Act to elect or to be elected.
Article 13
An ROC citizen attaining majority and residing in the organizational district of a farmers association but not meeting any of the requirements provided by the aforementioned Article may join a farmers association as a sponsoring member.
All lawfully registered agricultural cooperative organizations, companies, business establishments and factories may join a local farmers association as a group sponsoring member.
An individual or group sponsoring member are not entitled to elect or to be elected in any election held under this Act other than being elected a supervisor, but may enjoy all other rights same as a member.