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asynchronous interpretation to current effictive laws
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Article 5
5.1 Only adults are eligible in the case of natural-person ownership. The statutory agent or legal guardian of a minor keeping or tending animals shall be the owner on behalf of the minor.
5.2 Regarding animals tended under his care, an owner shall comply with the followings:
5.2.1 Providing proper, clean and harmless food as well as adequate and clean water which should be available at all times.
5.2.2 Providing a living environment that is safe, clean, well- ventilated, non-flooding with proper and adequate shelter, lighting and warmth.
5.2.3 Providing necessary precaution against infectious animal diseases.
5.2.4 Preventing the animal from harassment, abuse or injury.
5.2.5 Providing adequate room for a caged pet to stretch and move about, while allowing sufficient out-of-cage activities.
5.2.6 For a pet kept on a leash and collar, using a leash longer than its body length allowing it to stretch and move about, and a collar that is safe, comfortable, breathable and of proper elasticity; also giving the pet sufficient outdoor activities whenever appropriate.
5.2.7 Must not tow the pet behind a car or motorcycle.
5.2.8 Moving the pet to a safe location with a chance to escape from a place with potential hazards.
5.2.9 Not confining a pet in an enclosed space for a long time; keeping the vent holes open to allow breathing.
5.2.10 Providing other proper care.
5.2.11 Other than neutering, a pet must not be subject to any non-essential or non-medical surgery.
5.3 An owner must not abandon any animal under his care unless it has been accepted for custody or disposal by an animal shelter, or a refuge designated by the local competent authority.