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Article 4-1
To promote peer interactions of students, cultivate a diverse range of group learning, integrate educational resource efficiently, construct advancing academic environments, balance urban and rural educational functions, and protect school interests of students, municipal or county (city) governments may perform the mergers and discontinuations of public primary and junior high schools; the guidelines governing the condition, process, review, arrangement of the students and school teaching and staffs, and other related matters shall be determined by the central competent authority; municipal or county (city) governments shall stipulate the autonomous regulations governing the mergers and discontinuations in accordance with the guidelines.
For the merger and discontinuation of public primary and junior high schools in the preceding Paragraph, municipal or county (city) governments shall develop the campus space utilization and financial support project, and this shall be submitted to the central competent authority for review and approval after inviting scholars and experts, parent representatives, teaching and other staff representatives of the school, local community leaders, and relevant people for an evaluation of the project and public hearing, and passing the examination in the Education Review Committee of municipal or county (city) governments.
The merger and discontinuation of key aboriginal schools shall be implemented in accordance with the Education Act for Indigenous Peoples.
Article 8
The central competent authority shall prescribe curricular guidelines and relevant implementation regulations of primary and junior high schools to serve as a guide for these schools’ planning and implementation of curriculum; schools may integrate social resources with the planning of curriculum to enrich teaching activities.
The relevant regulations of the Senior High School Education Act shall apply to the research, development, and examination of the curricular guidelines of primary and junior high schools.