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Article 61-1
Water supply to the user’s pump and water-receiving facilities described in Article 23 herein shall not start until the ownership or the right of superficies of the private land on which the facilities are installed has registered under the user.
Water shall not be supplied until the consent of the private landowner whose land is installed connection pipes of the user’s pump and water-receiving facilities as provided in the preceding paragraph is obtained and the installation is completed.
The public land on which the facilities are installed should obtain the management office's license or consent.
Lands of existing roads on which the facilities are installed but is not owned by the user is entitled to use the land for at least ten (10) years since the initiation of tap water by a water supply enterprise.
Prior to obtaining the ownership of the land, given that the municipal and county (city) authority-in-charge agree issue an agreement and that the user ensures the project is complete under restitution; the user is deemed to have the superficies right of the land and may carry out necessary maintenance and upgrades.
Users shall choose the least damage-inducing locations and invasive approaches to the use of other people’s land. Any resulting damages shall be compensated to the extent of loss.
When disputes arise regarding the issues of locations, approaches, and compensations in the preceding paragraph, the following subjects: tap water user, land ownership or the user may apply to the municipality, county (city) of authority-in-charge for resolution.
Approved compensation in the paragraph 6 shall herein apply to the standard rule of paragraph 3 of Article 53.
The pump and water-receiving equipment described in paragraph 1 may be managed by a water supply enterprise after the owner or the representative of the management committee has made application and acquired the consent from the water supply enterprise. The water supply enterprise may charge the owner or the management committee facilities for improvement fees, operating and maintenance fees as well as all other necessary expenses. The water supply enterprise shall provide and summarize a list of service schedule fees and submit a duplicate copy to the authority-in-charge for reference.