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Article 41
The business for male citizens in the Substitute Services oriented insurance is classified as follows:
1. National Health Insurance: To be handled by the National Health Insurance Administration Ministry of Health and Welfare in accordance with the National Health Insurance Law.
2. Male citizens in the Substitute Services oriented general insurance: To be handled by the competent authorities or other agencies or public utilities as commissioned by the competent authorities.
3. Group accident insurance: Through open tender by the competent authorities. The contents and regulations for the insurance shall be determined by the competent authorities.
4. Overseas medical care insurance and war-risk insurance: The user organization shall enact the contents of insurance based on the actual national conditions and medical service level in the foreign country may justify and the regulations concerned.
Article 47
A beneficiary of an insured of a male citizen in the Substitute Services oriented general insurance forfeits the insurance benefit if:
1. Forfeiting or renouncing the Republic of China nationality.
2. Receiving a final, irrevocable court judgment with jail term following the commission of sedition, internal disorders after the Period of Communication Rebellion was announced terminated.
3. Having willfully caused death to the insured.
4. Having failed to exercise the right to receive a payment within ten years from the day when the benefit becomes payable.
Article 50
For various insurance premiums and National Pension Insurance premiums for male citizens in the Substitute Services, the competent authorities (i.e., the Ministry of the Interior) shall budget regular funds. For overseas medical care insurance and war-risk insurance, the user organizations shall budget regular funds for payment.