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Chapter 7 Meetings

Article 35
The general members (representatives) meetings, which include regular meeting and extraordinary meeting, shall be convened by the chair of the board of directors.
The regular meetings of fishermen associations at all levels shall be held once per year. An extraordinary meeting shall be convened at the request made by one-third or more of the members (representatives), or when considered necessary by the board of directors.
In case that the chair of board of directors fails to convene the extraordinary meeting within ten(10) days following the request as referred to in the preceding Paragraph, those who originally proposed the meeting may apply to the competent authorities for an order to convene the meeting.
A regional fishermen association, in consideration of difficulty in convening a general members meeting due to the huge number of members, may hold general representatives meeting to exercise the duties and rights of the general members meeting, and those representatives shall be elected by members among the designated districts by election.
Article 36
The board of directors and supervisors meeting of a fishermen association shall be convened by the chair of board of directors and standing supervisors respectively, who shall serve as the chair of the meeting. The number of meetings to be convened shall be provided in the charter of fishermen association.
Article 37
A fishermen task force shall hold its meeting at least once per year, which shall be convened and chaired by the chief of the task force.
Article 38
The general members (representatives) meeting and the meetings of the board of directors or supervisors of a fishermen association shall, unless otherwise provided in this Act, have a quorum of one-second of the members, and any resolution shall be adopted with the endorsement of at least one-second majority of the members actually present.
The meetings as referred to in the preceding paragraph, except for the meeting for the appointment of a secretary general, may be convened at the second convention if a quorum of one-third of the members is reached. Despite that, the exception does not apply if the number of required attendants is less than three (3).
Article 39
For the following issues, resolutions shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority of the attendants actually present in a general members(representatives) meeting, with a quorum of two-thirds of the total members(representatives) of a fishermen association:
(1) Adoption or revision of the charter,
(2) Penalty against members.
(3) Recall of elected personnel;
(4) Fund-raising;
(5) Disposal of properties;
(6) Other major issues related to the rights and obligations of members.